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The Christian Money Theory – 3

By Eze Uduma
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Money is one of, if not the most brilliant invention ever conceived by human mind. Besides being a defence, money makes it possible and much easier for humankind to control other humankind. The love of this instrument has fostered various and at times vilest atrocities since its creation. Without money, man's inhumanity to man would still persist though not at the scale we experience every day.

Estimates vary that money related crimes constitute more than 90% of all evils in human space. Money accounts for much of the reason many people have taken to the pulpit today. Even those who peacefully joined the body of the Lord, with the prospect of eternal life, have soon found that the body is not what they hoped it to be; the divine life expectants have gradually, some more rapidly converted to seekers of money and its resemblance. This is the current truth until we change our attitude and motivations.

The role of money in the midst of the righteous remains similar before and after the death of our Lord. Money in the hands of the righteous were always intended and used for taking care of those who needed it. Adonai the father never failed to remind the Israelites, by putting it into His rules, concerning their relationship with strangers, orphans, widows, and His priests; priests had no luxury of determining what they earn and how they earn it-Exodus 22:21; Deuteronomy 10:19; Leviticus 19:34.

What changed after the cross experience was the way money was given and received. Carefully examine the comments of Christ on his fulfilment of the laws and the prophet and see if any doubts as to its implication could be found-Matthew 5:17. With the cross and the resurrection of Yeshua, Christ became our law and authority as the law of the prophets had to given in for the King of glory to take His place Isaiah 9:6; John 14:6; Luke 9:35.

This is the position which gives mankind no room for wavering in obedience. Yeshua in this form always remains a nuisance to anyone whose objective is to use the pulpit and Christ's name to amass wealth. Yeshua offers no such opportunity after the cross, which He alone qualified to go.

When Yeshua speaks, He speaks as the authority and His sayings are the law. All all that come to Him owe Him is to do these sayings (laws)-Luke 6:46. To do otherwise is rebellion. Do I observe his sayings or do I rebel against Him? These are questions that should besiege our minds as we wake in the morning and as we go to bed.

The Seed time and harvest of Christ does not seem to match that of many aspiring Christians. This is how American Dollar puts it: “...if you sow evil and strife, you'll receive evil and strife. If you sow forgiveness, you'll receive forgiveness. If you give, it will be given to you (Luke 6:36-38).” “Sow the seed—Put God's Word into your heart by finding scriptures on whatever issue you are dealing with (Psalm 34:10; Jeremiah 1:12); Water the seed—Read the scripture, write it down, confess it, speak it to others, dream about it, and out of your garden (your heart) will come your prosperity.” We will work out who to give and whom we receive next time.

The problem with brother CD's position is the problem with many other brethren the world over - the problem of understanding the scriptures. The world we live was not designed to function these ways as has been attributed to the scriptures by brother CD, etc. Can anyone point out the crime/s that Christ committed to merit the gruesome death meted to Him? We or at least many know the deeds of the Lord: He preached peace and forgave others; he loved people including the sinners who nailed Him, He fed thousands and healed thousands yet He was cruelly murdered?

Yeshua was not alone; brothers Stephen-Acts 7:59, James-Acts 12:2, Peter, John, Andrew and others; they apart from John, met chilling deaths at the hands of their neighbours. What was their crime/s? They preached love, and were willing to give and they did give; they preached forgiveness and practiced it. So what went wrong that they did not receive the measure as they measured to their neighbours? The simple explanation is the truth we or most of us hate to tell: These are not earthly rewards, a Word of Faith misconception, which has gone viral.

When tithing is considered alongside the beggarly condition of then Jerusalem brethren including Brothers Peter and James, the search for Malachi 3:8-10 intensifies. Was it that Peter and James refused to tithe at all or did not tithe enough and were cursed and kept in penury? The logical explanation points to the fact that tithing was no longer necessary because of Matthew 5:17 and because of the price on the cross.

Adonai will reward each of us (according to what we did while on earth) when Christ comes to judge us or when we die to and face Him. Because of absence of any middle ground, the scripture posits: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?-Mark 8:36.

Adonai, to you be the glory.

Eze Uduma