Climate change? Mass Tree planting is the Answer Worldwide.

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Usually when one hears of poor countries, it is the African countries south of the Sahara Desert that comes to mind. Presently the climate change conference is on going in Copenhagen Denmark . It is remarkable that the European Union has pledged to assist the poorest of the poor countries with 6.5 billion Euros in a time period of three years to fight climate change. While that is a good idea, it is not however the best in this material time.

Considering how poor the leaders of the so called third world/developing countries are in financial management, it is not wise to pledge financial help to them in this material time. All these pledged money will find its way back to Europe one way or the other either as looted state funds or on frivolous medical trips.

From my understanding as a layman, the climate change is caused by increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While effort is being made to reduce our carbon foot prints as is being canvassed every day, it will be a good idea to start mass tree planting especially in Africa where the Sahara Desert is almost overrunning the continent. The developed countries have the technology and the know how to help directly in supplying the expertise in that respect. After all that is the idea behind being our brothers' keeper.

Giving financial aid to poor will not solve this problem.

Just as the developed countries are at the vanguard in oil exploration in Africa and as well as exporting Christianity, they should be at the vanguard of this mass tree planting.

Instead of pledging this large sum of money which will eventually find it way back to Europe , let them use it to pay salaries to prospective young Africans that will be recruited to participate in the tree planting project.

If this suggestion is bought into, this exercise should be started at the earliest rainy season or better still as soon as it is possible.

Engaging this young Africans in this venture will reduce their desperate moves to migrate to Europe .

We are aware of the fact that Churches in the West still send missionaries to Africa ; this is an opportunity to use God's words to save his planet.

Fortunately, this exercise was started recently in the Republic of Ireland . Drought resistant trees must be developed now to fight desertification.Pledging large sum of money to poor countries to fight climate change is a wrong idea. Sending experts to poorer countries to initiate and supervise mass reforestation is a better idea in my own view.

Countries like the Netherlands have re-claimed the oceans to build on it. Likewise a country like Israel has re-claimed the desert for arable farming it should be possible in developing countries with the necessary technology especially in Africa .

It is time to save the planet holistically and practically.

Ndiameeh Babrik. [email protected]

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