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Rihanna, Chris Brown still not on speaking terms

By The Rainbow
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Fans of Chris Brown and Rihanna have wondered if they bumped into one another during the Grammys on Sunday, but Hollywood Life reports that they did not. In fact, it's been revealed that the two singers are not on speaking terms. Not only that, the “FourFiveSeconds” singer reportedly arranged her entire presence at the event to avoid Brown. Nonetheless, Brown reportedly had nothing but good things to say about his ex, even if she did go out of her way to give him the cold shoulder.

A source close to Brown reportedly told Hollywood Life that the “Loyal” singer wants nothing but the best for his ex. The source also wanted to enforce the opinion that Brown has moved on with his life and isn't interested in any drama regarding Rihanna anymore. That's especially regarding all the gossip and fuss surrounding the Grammys.

“Chris wasn't there for Rihanna. He was there for himself and wanted to enjoy the show, and he did. He knew she was going to be there. He's been in the same building with her many times before since they broke up. It's not a big deal anymore for him. It's really a non-issue at this point.”

It seems that Rihanna has a lot going on right now as well, so the issues between her and Chris Brown are being mutually pushed aside — if there are even any real issues at all. Their relationship could truly just be over and no other closure necessary. Not only is Chris nurturing his relationship with Karrueche Tran, Rihanna has been playing the field and focusing on her ever-flourishing career as a superstar. However, the most recent gossip reports indicate that her love life continues to suffer as it has over the years since her violent split-up from Chris Brown.

Over the past month, the media and fans have been swooning over the possible love affair between RiRi and Leonardo DiCaprio. Fans had even started calling the couple “RihCaprio,” but those romantic fantasies were dashed when Jezebel reported that the two have evidently gone separate ways. Leonardo Dicaprio was supposedly spotted making out with a pretty blonde model recently in a nightclub, where Rihanna was also in attendance just a handful of tables away. Of course, most of the stuff being written about the two over the course of the past month has been nothing but gossip. Jezebel offered the theory that the two had only casually hooked up in the first place and weren't ever seriously dating.

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