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How PDP, APC Used Politics To Divide Nollywood By Nathan Nathaniel

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Is there love in Nollywood? This question keep ringing in the hearts of many as the day goes by. The Nigeria's make-believe industry which has been able to create job opportunity for many youths has gradually turned a political encyclopedia of sorts as some of the entertainers made choices of serving the people or campaigning for the candidates of their choice.

Since the emergence of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, only musicians were a bit prominent in the campaign ground of the various political parties. Of course, their presence cannot be for free as it comes with some incentives.

Recently, the 2015 general election has seen a new dimension in democracy as the two strong political parties in Nigeria have decided to delve into the Nollywood sector to make use of these celebrities as an avenue of getting the attention of their large crowd. Things would have been well if everyone of the entertainers came under one umbrella to support a party but the reverse is the case as the industry has been divided due to the political strategies employed by the various parties.

While the Peoples Democratic Party's strong man, President Goodluck Jonathan seats as the Grand Patron of the Nollywood industry, the All Progressive Congress have strategically selected few celebs who they feel have a different view about governance to run its campaign.

PDP started by helping some ailing practitioners who were down with various ailment and after successful treatment, the beneficiaries pledge allegiance to the party which has helped them. The APC felt that the opposition party did not do well as they have waited for so long before coming to the rescue of these practitioners as they already started by helping one of their sick colleagues.

Nevertheless, what lies in the pipeline for these entertainers after the whole razzmatazz of these political parties who have been able to create a division among these stars?