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2015 Election: Poverty Is Making Nigerian Entertainers 'Stupid' - Saidi Balogun

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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Popular Nollywood Yoruba actor and producer, Saidi Balogun has called out to fellow entertainers to stop dog-running around politicians during the campaign rallies and endorsements as it is unprofessional.

The producer has said such unbecoming behaviour is borne out of a 'poverty' striken mentality.

"(Poverty), that's why you see some of our people running helter-skelter, campaigning for all these politicians. But there's one question we have all not asked, and that's what makes American artists donate to politicians while the actors here in Nigeria are asking from politicians.

"Every member of the National Assembly has not made an reasonable law on piracy which has devoured the industry. So, there's poverty in the industry. If there's not, you won't see our people flocking around all these politicians, campaigning, singing and dancing for them. I saw a candidate being surrounded by some of our colleagues; I now said to myself, 'if this man eventually wins, how many actors or musicians will he remember?

"Although some are doing it to make ends meet. And it's sad because we're stars. I think we're supposed to be worshiped, not worshiping others. Even if a governor holds your hand, he's supposed to be happy. But now, the reverse is the case."

Saidi Balogun has been sighted in the All Progressive Congress colours and rallies.