EXCLUSIVE: Zuriel Makes First TV Pilot Show With Sisters

By Ellen Racketien

Earlier today, after quietly spending one hour each day since October 2014 working on this after school work, Zuriel and her sisters, and their 'play' production company they designed in their bedroom called KCP [Kingdom Child Productions], released the pilot of their first TV Show - The Sisters Travels Around The World.

Employing their parents as extras and grips, they managed to pull off a cute and concise 18 minutes show, that is as fun, as it is entertaining. They produced, wrote, edited, and compiled the storyline for this groundbreaking short. You should see their 4 year old young brother and his big bright eyes, making his own acting debut.

Please give her your feedback either here, or on her Facebook page [Zuriel Oduwole], when you have a moment, just to encourage this young lady as she is both mature for her age and enough to appreciate them.

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