Only Accident Can Make Me Cut My Dreadlocks—Ras Kimono

Source: Ayodeji Ake/

The human hair plays a significant role in a man's life, which is why many people hold it in high esteem. This is also why some people pay a special attention to it and would do anything to give it a special treatment.

In Nigeria, some people who are born with dreadlocks are seen special beings. Nobody is allowed to touch their hair anyhow because some believe it serves a purpose.

Like in the Holy Bible, where it was narrated that Samson was a man with strong power and strength, but that he lost it when his hair was shaved off by a woman he fell in love with, Delilah.

For veteran Nigerian reggae music artiste, Ras Kimono, he cannot imagine cutting off his dreadlocks.

He said in an interview that the only thing that can make him do that is if he is involved in an accident and the doctors say he has to shave his hair, which he said is natural, not artificial.

"I can't cut my hair for any reason. The only reason that can make me cut it is if I have an accident and doctors ask me to cut it. But since that hasn't happened, then I can't cut it," he told Daily Times in an interview.