Lagos APC Lambasts Obanikoro, Says He's A Joker, Desperate For Rehabilitation


SAN FRANCISCO, January 20, (THEWILL) – The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described the statement credited to Mr. Musliu Obanikoro, the defeated Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Lagos that APC will run down Nigeria the way it ran down Lagos as the height of pun that best typifies the confusion and incoherence, which according to APC, have hit the PDP as they face imminent defeat in the February election.

The party said the PDP is going down faster than even the members could grapple with.

In a statement issued in Lagos Tuesday and signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party said Obanikoro is like a rusty and broken gramophone that oozes nonsense after his humiliation at the PDP primary.

It therefore advised Obanikoro to take time to rehabilitate his battered political image before uttering incoherent jabs to warm himself back to the PDP government and its patronage.

According to the APC, “It is apparent that Obanikoro is still seeing double from the dazing he got when his wonky dream of ruling Lagos was finally nailed by a puppet thrown up by the duo of Bode George and Adeseye Ogunlewe.

“It is apparent that Obanikoro is gasping for words to throw to gratify himself once again to his outgoing Abuja patrons so he will do the last minute harvesting before the impending burst. So what better way to show this by appearing blandly paradoxical?

“From every seeming indication, Obanikoro was jesting or trying to poke fun on the fading PDP that has so disappointed him by that statement which shows that he does not believe, as most Lagosians, that Lagos will ever be infected with the curse PDP has become for Nigerians for the past 16 years.”

The APC further said : “Yes, APC will run down Nigeria to a country where infrastructures work, where jobs are created, where there is security, where schools and hospitals work, where roads are fixed, where free housing is being provided Nigerians, where the economy is robust, like in present day Lagos.

“ This is the type of run down Nigeria requires today far from the PDP 'glorious' picture of massive looting, ethnic and sectarian division and acrimony, worsening unemployment, infrastructural wreckage, total unemployment, overwhelming inflation, total devaluation of Naira to worthless tissue paper, where life expectancy has been brought down to 38 years, where poverty walks on all fours, where there is no light, where the citizens live in total insecurity, where some parts of Nigeria has been ceded to insurgents.

“These remain Obanikoro and PDP's grand achievements for Nigeria which he is jealously guarding but which Nigerians want to do away by the massive rejection his PDP is facing all over Nigeria.

“But beyond Obanikoro' s queerness, we see someone who is running his last lap in opportunistic politics and who is scared that his fountain of unearned political perks is about to be upturned. We see a character who as Chairman of Lagos Island Local Government burnt down the council secretariat to cover his well known perfidy.

“We see a character who was made a Commissioner in Lagos by the Asiwaju Tinubu regime but ended up misappropriating the money meant for Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. We see a person who was made a Senator but ended up as a Judas in Abuja and since then, despite the patronages he has gotten from his masters, has never set his consuming political dream on sail in Lagos again.

“We want to point out that Obanikoro who has become a serial political failure is running away from his shadows and with the sure exit of his principals from the seat of power, and the assured coming in of the APC government this May, Obanikoro knows it is all over politically for him.

“Lagos APC however wants to assure Obanikoro that Lagos does not want the curse of the 'run up' he and his looting PDP members have brought to the country. Nigerians are indeed asking out of the brand PDP 'run up' of Nigeria and they want a quick end to this harrowing development.

“Nigerians are saying with one unifying voice that we will do better without the curse of 'run ups' the Obanikoros and his fellow PDP members have brought to Nigeria in the past 16 years such that the country has become the third poorest nation on earth even while it is the sixth largest producer of oil.

“Again, Lagos APC wants to let Obanikoro know, in case, in his desire for rehabilitation he pretends not to know, that it is such huge success stories as Lagos, under the APC that is driving the present social movement for change from unending PDP pestilence.

“We want to let Obanikoro know that the suffocating negative achievements of the PDP are factors fueling the mass acceptance the APC is enjoying and the mass desertion that is hitting his PDP and which has set him on the kind of confusion to utter confusing statements with hope such will arrest the drift of PDP among determined Nigerians.”