Zenith Bank Security Covered Patoranking From Public Disgrace

Source: Ayodeji Ake/Nigeriafilms.com

While celebrities pray for endorsement deals , many would have been wandering why Faze turns down endorsement offer, has he in a rescent interview disclosed reasons why he turned them down.

A member of the Nigerian defunct hip hop group plantashun boiz, Chibuzor Oji better known as Faze has revealed he is presently working on his new album titled '2000 and Faze' while many has been clamoring why he went solo.

Faze condemned rumors he has been broke which as been the talk in recent time that he absent himself from the screen because he ran out of cash.

He gave reasons why he has refused some endorsement deals as he said he is not interested in petty endorsement but bigger ones and would not want his fans to believe he sings for endorsements that why he has been working on his musical tracks lately.

Chibuzor Oji disclosed his plans on media tours has he told he will be visiting radio and T.V stations for his new tracks to be aired so his fans miss him no more.

Speaking on his plans for marriage, Faze opened up he is single and not searching. He his said his fiancee still in school.

Meanwhile, Faze extended his congratulations to a colleague at the defunct Plantashun boiz group. Black Face who rescent had a record label deal of 60million naira