Building the Plateau of our vision – Agenda for plateau governorship aspirants:


I would like to start this piece by congratulating you, the two leading contenders of the governorship seat of our dear state, Plateau – Senator G.N.S Pwajok, of the People Democratic Party (PDP) and Hon Simon Lalong, of the All Progressive Congress (APC). I respect the fact that your different political platforms have bestowed on you the honor of flying their tickets. This to me shows the level of your acceptance and confidence in your abilities to deliver democratic benefits for the common good of the citizens of plateau state.  You both are gentlemen and have held different positions of responsibilities before now on behalf of the good people of plateau, your depth of understanding and experience should make the contest an  interesting one. I make haste to suggest that your desire to serve plateau and its citizens in the exalted office of a governor is born kout of patriotism, selflessness and a strong drive to make our community an Elim of some sort – Elim was one of the places where the Israelites camped when they came out of Egypt. It is referred to in Exodus 15.27 and Numbers 33.9 as a place where “there were twelve wells of water and seventy date palms”, and that the Israelites “camped there near the waters”. Aspiring to be the chief executive officer of the plateau project is no mean feat. I believe you will put your experience to bear so as to restore the waning glory of plateau state.

May I use this opportunity to call for issues based campaign showing deep respect for liberal democratic ethos, and a total submission to the will of plateau voters. In this way you would be contributing immensely to deepening our democratic experience and building the much desired trust on the ability of our young people to being difference makers. As a plateau citizen, I desire to see you demonstrate the spirit of exemplary sportsmanship in the forthcoming contest.

In order to achieve the 'Plateau of our vision' where governance provides for common welfare, security, peace, social mobility, infrastructural development, Justice, domestic tranquility, education, secure liberty, human dignity, health, egalitarian society, survive & secure our pride of place in the Nigerian project, securing a better future for plateau citizens etc; it has become pertinent to contribute in setting an agenda for your esteemed consideration as you aim to become our governor.

 1 – Leadership recruitment
The importance of leadership recruitment in the success of any project, business or organization can not be overemphasized. Therefore, recruiting good leaders is key and critical to the success of the plateau project but the process could be strenuous, time consuming, expensive, stressful and sometimes may have to go against popular opinion and status quo. Especially in a culture like ours where most people see leadership as a payback for contributing to the success of a candidate, it is important not to loose sight of the overall objective and the rationale for having leaders in the first place. One of our major undoings as a people is the quality of our leadership – we allow all manners of sentiments and considerations to becloud our sense of judgement in the choice of leadership and representation. This trend must reverse for us to achieve meaningful progress. Your teams should consist of people with above average understanding of issues relating to governance and development.

In sourcing for a team to help you achieve your aspirations to better the lives of the people, you may have to look beyond political patronage, and avoid circulating tried tired faces and reliance on pliable mediocrities. Although in politics, there is a place for settling political activists for their sacrifice and commitment, this must be done strategically without compromising your vision for aspiring to bequeath lasting legacies for Plateau State. The west has become a model for the world in political leadership and providing good governance because their best and brightest are given the opportunities to lead critical sectors of the society.

For example, in medieval America, it was the best in this society led by the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sharman, James Madison, that formed the Philadelphia conclave who gave America and the world an enduring democratic document, The America's constitution. You would agree with me that this document at founding was imbued progressively such that it allowed for the inter – generational amendments that have served America for over 300 years and became a model for the rest of the world. In Britain, it is the best and the brightest that make it to parliament, boardrooms, the media and other influential aspects of their society. No wonder the levels of their social, human capital and developmental achievements

Good leaders come in all shapes, backgrounds and personalities, but they all show traits of being great minds, trustworthy, passionate, knowledgeable, decisive, inspiring, visionary, enthusiastic, positive & optimistic and are full of energy. They look to serve not necessarily for reward but for common good. They seek to unite and not to divide.

Plateau state is blessed with an array of inter-generational skilled leaders, it will take some searching to find them. You would have some in your inner circles but may have to look elsewhere to find others. To headhunt good leaders that will help you achieve giant-strides and your vision, you must be willing to try something unusual that may challenge the status quo, and must be ready to accept opinions that may run contrary to yours sometimes.

I will continue with the second Agenda in the next writing.

Bernard Doro ( Bernard. [email protected] )
Manchester, UK.
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