My Parents Support Me Marrying Older Lover—Toyin Lawani’s Baby Father

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Back in the days, an average Nigerian parent would not support their son's decision to marry an older woman as wife. Such parent would even do everything possible to stop the supposedly absurd union if the dude insists on going on his plans.

However, things have changed now and some parents will not raise an eyebrow.

A typical example is that popular stylist Toyin Lawani and her baby daddy, Lord Trigg, who are now engaged.

The Rivers State born artiste, whose real name is Kessington Womadi, said his parents respect his decision to be with Toyin, who is about 10 years older than him. He further said his parents support him on their relationship and that the age difference between them doesn't bother or affect his love for Toyin.

“It is what it is. It is the bond between us and not just the age; me being younger and her being older, is about what we feel about each other. She has some qualities one can hardly find in other ladies. She has a great personality. She is beautiful, loving and very caring," the lover boy said.

Lord Trigg said since he had his first child with Toyin named Tenor over a year ago, they have not had any problems, and said he does not see them having one in the future.

"So far, it's going on well. We have never had problems and I don't foresee that in the future. She is what I want. I don't get bothered about what people think or say. I really don't care. It's their opinion. I am a different person so I do my things differently. This is what makes me happy; being with her makes me happy so I am cool," he boasted.