HURIWA Asks Politicians To Wear Black Arm's Bands For Campaigns


Worried about the deteriorating state of security across the country made worse by the incessant blood cuddling attacks by the murderous gangs of armed Islamic terrorists in the North East of Nigeria resulting in the killings of undetermined high number of innocent Nigerians, political office seekers have been asked to wear black arm's bands during campaign rallies and scale down on the carnival nature of these outings to honour the dead.

Besides, the democracy inclined Non Governmental body-HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA(HURIWA) which gave the charge in a statement to the media jointly authorised by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media Affairs Director Miss Zainab Yusuf has asked the Federal Government of Nigeria to officially request the United Nations Security Council and the African Union to set up special anti terror armed fighters drawn from a coalition of the willing to battle the armed terrorists in Northern Nigeria who are constantly committing large scale heinous crimes against humanity.

HURIWA also wants Nigeria to withdraw from all peace keeping missions globally so as to mobilize sufficient combat troops with the requisite state of the arts combat weaponry to battle these well motivated terrorists who have annexed a large chunk of North East Nigeria and are committing series of gruesome human rights violations including genocide and sexual enslavement of teenage girls. The Rights group reasoned that it made no sense that Nigeria is contributing hugely to keep the peace in some nations that are relatively terrorism free when back home Nigeria as a sovereignty is gravely endangered by external and internal rebellious terrorists. “Nigerian government must act decisively before more innocent people are wasted needlessly. Why does Nigeria belong to global organisations that will only engage in empty rhetoric on global media when armed terrorists are unleashing unprecedented violence of monumental proportion? Are the lives of Nigerians not worth preservation from these brutes?”

On the need for political campaigners to scale down on the celebratory moods of their current political events to canvass for popular support of the electorate at the February 14th 2015 polls, HURIWA asked Nigerian political stakeholders to emulate the examples of their counterparts in France who have been operating in sober moods since the last three days that a Paris based media house was viciously attacked by Terrorists who slaughtered over 17 French citizens including twelve unarmed journalists.

“Seriously, Nigerian political office seekers should respect the dead and all those less fortunate Nigerians going through the gruelling living conditions under constant bombardments by armed terrorists. Why should those seeking to govern Nigerians show so much disrespect by wearing flamboyant dresses of colourful designs dancing on the soap boxes when only some miles away thousands of Nigerians are murdered in their sleep? Please show small respect by putting on black arm's bands and observe several minutes of silence to honour these Nigerians killed by terrorists”.

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