Undue Permanence Breeds Impunity In Governance. We Need Change At All Levels!

The APC government of Lagos state sued the national assembly for enacting a law directing funds meant for local governments to be payed directly to them. It won at the Supreme Court with Yemi Osibajo leading its legal team. Funds due to local governments are pruned by the states. Their chairmen are selected by governors like mere school prefects. They are sacked at will. By this act, the APC government thus voted for perpetuation of subjugation of local governments. This vital tier of government has been rendered irrelevant, unviable and non-functional....its closeness to the people made meaningless!

The APC government of Lagos state grossly increased school fees in the state-owned higher institutions ten-fold. Most students consequently dropped out of school. When they protested, the government ordered policemen to beat them up and arrest them. It was set to jail them! It cared not about the feelings of their parents...or that the day of reckoning was nigh...the next election! Taking its citizens for fools, it announced a reversal of this policy some days ago....few weeks to the elections!

The same government has casualized employment of doctors....even in its teaching hospital! It still does....even just a few weeks to the elections! It has embargoed hiring full-time doctors for over two years. It maintains this odd stance right on to election day! Doctors thus emigrate in droves! It cares not that such state of affairs endangers the lives of its citizens!

It strangely mandates its citizens to pay taxes without incomes....out of tandem with the basic laws of taxation!

It carries on with utmost lawlessness....only talking about the law at tax time!

It does practically nothing about housing...only bent on extorting land use charges after its citizens have somehow managed to erect shanties in slums!

It imposes spurrious taxes on businesses at random. But which businesses are thriving these days? Who patronises business concerns these days....citizens made poorer by the day?

It conducts its affairs in the most brazenly uncaring manner....in ways erstwhile miltary governments never did!

I have witten variously how impunity also rules in the PDP government at the federal level. It, like some state governments, feels that governance at that level is its for keeps! Its conduct is no better than the APC government of Lagos state.

Perhaps if:
APC or some other party takes over at the federal level.....

PDP or some other party takes over APC states....
APC or some other party takes over PDP states....
....we may be on the right path towards expunging rottens heads and bad eggs from governance in Nigeria....

Unmitigated permanence breeds impunity....
Analytical Minds is not an APC forum....
The truth must be told...
....no matter whose ox is gored!
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