President Goodluck's Parents Reveal The Mystery Behind His Name

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

They named him, 'Goodluck' and indeed he brought not just 'Good luck' but fame and fortune to them.

Madam Eunice Aye Jonathan, the beautiful mum of president Goodluck Jonathan has revealed the real reasons he gave him that name after birth.

She recalled that there was nothing special about the day on which Goodluck was born in Otuoke. His birth was however very easy compared to her other experiences with childbirth.

“I often had prolonged labour during childbirth, sometimes for up to a wee, and because of this, I usually had still-births. But when it was the turn of Goodluck, I delivered him the very day I started having labour pains. This surprised me," she said.

Apart from this, Eunice, did not regard the day as extraordinary. According to her, the people of Otuoke went about their duties as usual. No dramatic event occurred. Perhaps, the fact that nothing special happened was indeed significant and the truly important event was his birth."
His father also has this to say, " I called him Goodluck because although life was hard for me when he was born, I had this feeling that this boy would bring me good luck.”
His paternal grandmother, Sarah, also declared that her grandson, in his adulthood, would shake the world the same way 'king' Azikiwe was doing at the time.”