As Nigeria Decides,Is The Ruling Party Running Scared?


The Department of state service once again proved yesterday its

partisanship and that's a shame. It is a shame that a body whose job is to

protect and defend the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Nigerians has now

become a tool in the hands of the presidency and the ruling party. This is

not the first time the DSS has raised suspicions about its partisanship.

Recall during the Osun Elections, when it accused the opposition of

bribery, and when the APC asked Marilyn and her troops to name names, they

recoiled into their shells. They had no evidence, yet were making

unnecessary accusations. That reeked of PDP.
Yesterday it accused the APC yet again of planning to hack voter's

registration data base of the independent national electoral commission

INEC. Their claim was based on what it allegedly recovered from the APC

data center in Lagos in November of last year. Yes, November last year.

What a wonder. Good timing too. Common, some things or should I say lies

are worth giving serious thoughts before they are spit out,especially

without evidence. This is laughable and embarrassing to the world of

intelligence. One can tell straightaway that this is the hand of Esau and

the voice of Jacob. This is the same DSS that have come up short of

curbing domestic threats (one of its major responsibilities) we are faced

with on a daily basis in this country. One is wont to wonder how the DSS's

job description changed overnight. This latest play from the Presidency

(of course it's not the DSS at work) has just confirmed that the ruling

party is really running scared of General Buhari and the opposition come

next month.
Their body language, their utterances, their pettiness et al just confirms

their fear, or how else can one explain Professor Jerry Gana's recent

epistle when nobody asked him for same? You know, while growing up my

parents knew straight up I was hiding something or lying when I start to

answer questions I was not asked. Prof just reminded me of those years.

Some weeks ago 21billion Naira was raised for the PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN of

President Goodluck Jonathan to the amazement of Nigerians. Some Nigerians

were almost brought to tears when they saw their state governors donate

unbelievable sums of money while their salaries were not paid. Me, I

wondered what professor Jerry Gana does that will allow him comfortably

donate 5Billion Naira to the same campaign. Odikwaegu o…Well Prof some

days ago decided to add salt to Injury by telling us to our faces how dumb

we are. He told us to our faces that not all of the 21billion Naira that

was realized was for the president's campaign. He said some of the money

would go into completing the PDP national headquarters. Hmm, these guys

must really see us as dumbos! This was actually an eye opener. So, the PDP

has been running Nigeria from an uncompleted building for the past 15

years? What sort of lots did we hand over our country to for the past 15

years- A ruling party that cannot even fix its own building? Boy were we

expecting a lot when we asked them to provide us with steady power supply,

standardized heath care facilities, good roads, tackle corruption and

unemployment et al when they cannot even complete their party headquarters

after 15years in power! How do they now expect us to put our destiny in

their hands for another 4 years? Professor Jerry Gana should learn not to

run his mouth when no one asks him jack. It just confirms how jittery his

party is. That got me in trouble so many times as a child!

I can remember in 2011 when almost everybody, every organization and all

whatnot endorsed the candidacy of the incumbent President. From MEND to

BEND; almost everybody was sold the ''I had no shoes'' dummy and boy did

they swallow it hook, line and sinker. Recently the movement for the

emancipation of the Niger Delta MEND endorsed the candidacy of Muhammed

Buhari and all hell was let loose. The PDP is now demanding to know the

relationship between MEND and the APC. You need to read another low from

them, in the name of a press conference. That was not only self-serving,

it was sort of dumb and desperate. Nobody, in 2011, asked the PDP to

explain its connection with MEND in 2011; why should anybody offer any

kind of explanation? What if MEND had endorsed GEJ,what would the PDP have

said? If the PDPD insists, I think MEND gave the perfect answer. This

group and so many other Nigerians have realized that they were sold a

dummy, and have realized same, hence their decision to withdraw their

support for the sitting president. I do not see any lie in any of their

reasons for wanting to put their support behind GMB. Did MEND lie about

this president's stance on corruption? Did MEND lie about the Niger Delta

not being any better?
The Buhari certificate brouhaha is the pettiest of them all. General

Muhammed Buhari has contested election 3 times, in 2003, 2007 and 2011

with sworn affidavit in place of his educational education and nobody has

raised any dust about it all these while. The General's reason for using a

sworn affidavit has always been that originals of his certificates were

vandalized after the time he was removed as head of state and that the

only copies available at the moment are those with the military board. I

wonder why the PDP has all of a sudden decided to make noise over GMB's

certificate. Good thing Military officials have finally accepted that they

indeed do have the man's credentials.
You see, the Man was not lying after all. You see, the man was not lying

when he said no one can accuse him of lying as well as being corrupt.

These guys have run out of ideas of how to run GMB down and their

desperation have made them start of petty.
Listen to me,Nigeria today, needs men who can be trusted. Nigeria needs

Men who can keep their words. We need Men who will see stealing as

corruption and vice versa. We need Men who have the interest of the people

at heart. We need Men with great ideas who can be trusted with executing

same with so much enthusiasm and zeal. GMB I maintain is our Hercules,

never mind the cheap slur the PDP and its cohort throws.

Finally, imagine the PDP being the opposition party after 16 years at the

helm with nothing to show. I see them buckling up and I see a very healthy

future for our democracy. I see the APC wanting to over achieve and the

PDP trying to show us how they have changed and how they can do better. I

see a win-win situation for you and me. It actually could be in the best

interest of the PDP (they need time to re-strategize) and Nigeria if they

lose the forthcoming presidential election.
It is, as a matter of urgency, time to embrace change, Nigeria! General

Muhammad Buhari represents change.
Chiechefulam Ikebuiro
[email protected]
@thalynxis on twitter
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