Exclusive: Omotola And I Have Done Things Together Before- Sound Sultan

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

Sound Sultan needs no introduction in the Nigeria music world and the entertainment industry in general having spent over a decade carving an niche for himself.

The multi-talented Naija Ninja record label co-founder in a brief chat tells Nollywoodgists.com what makes him thick, his relationship with Nollywood's super star, Omotola Jalade and why he chose to do music with her.

NFC: You have maintained your ground and remained very relevant in the Nigeria music sector despite the fierce competition, what's the secret?

Sound Sultan: Well, all I would say is God first, then I believe I have the energy, the voice and the zeal to move on. Then the gift of life too.

One other thing is my fans; I always keep in touch with them as they keep encouraging us with the right words and buying the albums whenever its out. It's like a cycle.
I always try to rejuvenate that same hunger and zeal I started with to keep me afloat.

NFC: Lots of budding artistes always mention you as a source of their inspiration. What is that thing you often do to them?

Sound Sultan: I'm always very real with any act I meet, even if you are not popular. If I see you have the prospect, I will try to encourage you with the best ways to make you blow. I'll advice them, nurture their talents, and motivate them till they get there.
They all like me, because I am just being real; my real self.

NFC: While you were growing up, did foresee yourself being this big?

Sound Sultan: Nobody will know that one na, I be God? (Laughs)

NFC: But you had an idea you were going to turn an Entertainer?

Sound Sultan: Yes, my brother Babedee started before me, I knew I was going to join him later. And I did.

NFC: Looking at other top female actress, why did you chose to do musical collaboration with Omotola Jalade?

Sound Sultan: We have done couple of songs and things together before. She's like a sister to me. We have a working chemistry. If you ask her she will tell you that also.

NFC: What could bring Sound Sultan down?

Sound Sultan: I don't see any of that coming. All my challenges and discouragement I see it as a path to fame. I don't keep that in my hard drive. They are all motivations. Nobody can bring you down, unless you allow it.

NFC: As a handsome popular star, have any of your female fans embarrassed you provocatively?

Sound Sultan: None that I can remember. Even if they do, I can't tell you, I'll sing in my song (laughs).

It could be recalled that late last year, 2014, during an interactive session with her fans on Twitter, Omotola Jalade had declared Sound Sultan as her best male Nigerian act in the music world.

Omotola and I have done things together

Omotola and I have done things