How is Ibinabo Fiberesima Managing Such Grown Step Sons?

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

It is no longer news that Beautiful AGN president, Ibinabo Fiberesima and her husband, Uche Egbuka, have 6 children between them.

She has three beautiful kids while Mr. Egbuka is blessed with three handsome grown up boys, who should be between eighteen and early twenties in age.

The excited actress often proudly flaunts the pictures of the kids just like she did a while ago via her instagram page.

IB, as she's fondly called by family members and close friends, posted the pictures of how cute the kids looked the day she exchanged marital vows with her hubby.

With such fully grown kids, her fans begin to wonder how the screen Diva would cope or perhaps manage the troubles that comes with raising teenagers, especially when she's not their real mother.

It's a general knowledge that often times, boys in their adolescence ages turn hard-nut to crack and in such cases might turn worse if they are directly dealing with a step-mum instead of their biological mother.

Luckily for the Bayelsa State born movie star, she confirmed that her step children where actually the brain behind her marriage to their father. "The kids planned it more than we did, that's how it is because the day he asked me, my kids were calling, his kids were calling and the kids were all abroad while we were in Nigeria. So everybody was eager to know my reply. Kids were like Daddy have you asked her, mine were also calling to say mummy hope you said yes (laughs). It was a beautiful moment and everybody was happy," she had said during a recent interview.