Dancers Will Rule Nigeria’s Showbiz Industry Someday—Kaffy Predicts

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

One of the top dancers in Nigeria, Kaffy, has expressed hopes that in the future, dancers will take over the entertainment in the country.

She made this known while pondering on some issues affecting the industry.

Kaffy advised dancers in the country not to be weary because if they keep upgrading their skills, they will surely have cause to smile.

She said dancers are mostly happy when they entertainment their audience.

According to her, “I laugh because they just don't know. In life, you determine how far u want to go. There is always room to go higher in anything you do, I repeat, anything. Dance is an art we know that and even as an art, it requires different level of skill and technique acquisition.”

“Being a dancer on d floor and being one in administrative or creative department requires different level of drive, passion, determination and intellectual prowess. Let's not even breakdown d business of it. Which requires a wide range of career fields? From graphic designer, fashion designer, stylists, makeup artiste, cameraman, caterers, lawyers, accountants, marketers, PR and list go on,” she explains.

“I see the future and dancers WILL take over entertainment because whether we are paid 0ne naira or one million we always want to leave our audience thrilled we care about entertaining you. We don't come on stage to sell our personalities alone we come to make you happy,” she boasts.

As a piece of advice, she said for aspiring dancers to get to the top, they only need to be focus and improve their skills. “And dancers all u need to do is keep dancing keep growing keep improving keep creating keep the fire burning but most of all be true to it and know how to represent your craft. Make way.”