Is Niger State Broke?

By Zirrah Hope Emmanuel
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There is too much noise and rumors going out in town that over 3 billion is alleged to have vanished into the thin air because the Money cannot be accounted for in the Governor Aliyu led administration. Some say some people are cashing under the confused state of mind of the governor to be stealing money in random, an act that has rendered the Niger state treasury empty, just like Shehu Shagari did to Nigerian treasury in the past.

How did they do it ? They cajole him into releasing huge sum of money to travel to some selected African countries including Huwaii and Saudi Arabia with their Mallams for prayers and other fetish and cultic sacrifices for the success of their anointed candidate, Alhaji Umar Nasko.

Findings reveal that as a result of these wastages, the Governor could not even pay his promise of paying WAEC fees for Nigerlites, putting the children and their parents in the state of hopelessness and despair. It is even alleged that the legal team defending his tainted anointed candidate in the Abuja High court could not be paid, making the legal team threatening to withdraw from the case.

One of the lawyers through a telephone conversation described the Umar Nasko's case as slim considering the fact that all evidence provided by Hannafi Sudan.

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