Nollywood Star, Ify Okeke Blasts Colleagues For Neglecting Late Muna Obiekwe

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Today in Lagos state, which is seen as the commercial nerve of the country, everyone wants to drive a car and nobody is planning to source for another means of transportation which can actually help to reduce cost.

Until recently, women have engaged themselves in various competition with men in terms of doing the things that has been seen as men's job. Women now drive various exotic cars and run at high speed just like the men. For most women from the market women to the housewives and office staff, some do own and drive their cars if they can afford one but mostly the only means of transportation is by far reliance on public transport while saving to get their own car.

When took tour past the Eastern part of Nigeria, it observed that the women in that region are not neglected as they strive on their own to survive without waiting for the men. While men go out to work, the women have their bike, which they help to ease their various transport business.

Most of the Igbo women riding motorbikes are benefiting from self-reliance and satisfaction that they are in charge of when their journey should start. Cost of owing a motorbike is significantly cheaper than a car so you are more likely to achieve your goal of transport self-reliance if aiming at getting a motorbike than a car.

Although, this may not be practicable in big city like Lagos where major roads are not very safe, but it is a fantastic option for those in the outskirts.