Weight loss surgery in India – An Effective tool to reduce weight

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Suffering from obesity? Over weight is really big problem when most strict diet and best workout are not effective in reducing weight and heavy stubborn fats of body. Medical science has ways out to make his possible through weight loss surgery in India at most affordable price with great effective results. Excessive weight in many cases leads to other health disorders like type2 diabetes, joint pain, heart disorders, high cholesterol, infertility etc. To avoid these problems and stay fit weight loss surgery is beneficial if no medication is showing results to lose weight.

Weight loss surgery deals with many surgical procedures like

•Restrictive surgeries – the base of surgery is to reduce the size of stomach along with lowering of digestion process. That is the smaller stomach the less food is consumed by patient, helping to have control on diet.

•Malabsorptive/restrictive surgeries – in this type of surgery the stomach of patient is reduced to smaller size and also elimination of small portion of digestive tract is done.

•Adjustable Gastric Banding – it is a type of restrictive surgery, the stomach is restricted by squeezing it by inflatable band, dividing it by two sections. One section is small and other is larger, upper section being small will consume less amount of food which slows down digestive process.

•Sleeve Gastrectomy- it is also a type of restrictive surgery, in this surgery surgeon removes ¾ part of stomach and only a narrow sleeve is left behind which is attached to intestines.

• Gastric Bypass Surgery – it is the most common types of surgery combining both restrictive and malabsorptive methods. The stomach is divided in two parts, sealing the upper section from lower one. This results in less intake of food.

The ideal weight loss surgery depends upon the body type and health of the patient. The consultants will advice righteous treatment method to reduce weight. Over weight may lead to many problems in normal life activities too. To select best and most supreme quality health provider among the medical fraternity in India forerunnershealthcare consultants are leading and trustable medical tourism company which organizes treatment for overseas patients making their journey quite easy. Providing every small facility giving total comfort during the tour to India is specialty of the team. Services like medical opinion from experienced surgeon, prior consultation with doctor, visa invitations, and detailed information of treatment procedure, round the clock service, accommodation and travel arrangements are also managed by the team efficiently. Providing best comfortable and luxurious tour to reduce weight and move back in new appearance will be great experience with satisfaction.

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