My decision to tune to Bond FM Lagos on the last day of a year made sour and sorrowful by a theiving band of irresponsible rulers led me to hear the "News Analysis"....a nauseating hodge-podge of incoherent vomitus consisting of absolute nonsense!

The speaker had the temerity to pour invectives on the vast majority of social media commentators whose resignation to rendering their rulers in uncomplimentary...albeit apt language is a frustrated attempt to call these bands of marauders to order.

Examples abound of these rulers' addiction to stealing this nation blind and the list is so unending that attempting a chronicle of their theiving infirmities would be a venture into saliva waste.

It is so bad that they don't even veil or hide their thefts any longer!

They "bond" with the parliament to outlaw bringing such issues under discuss...

They even go further to influence courts to oust any attempts to try them for these offenses rather than face judicial scrutiny to clear their names!

It is bad enough that these radio stations....and their TV equivalents....have embarked on ingenious ways of disguising their original names having come to the naked realisation that the listening public was striving to avoid them and the utter rubbish they regularly spew out in form of "news"!

But I wonder if their programme directors realise that it is not mere changes in name that attract people to buy into a product. Neither is it the strength of incongruent threat issued out by their newscaters disguised as "news analysis"!....but a good product that satisfies their listeners and does not offend the sensibilities of the citizens....or insult their intelligence.

Public concerns, institutions and corporations like radio stations are established with taxpayers' monies to inform, educate and entertain them....and must not under any circumstances be converted into personal properties of those in power!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a Lagos-based Medical Practitioner, a former Secretary of AGPMPN Ikorodu zone, a former Secretary of the Quackery Committee of AGPMPN Lagos State Branch, founder of Analytical Minds, a good health advocate and public affairs analyst.

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