Toolz Moved To Tears After Visit To Dustbin Estate

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Tolulope 'Toolz' Oniru, is a vivacious and award-winning on-air personality.

Although, she was born with a silver spoon, the TV star in the spirit of the festive season decided to share the precious moment with the some less privileged.

So moved to tears after her encounter in a deserted area called 'Dustbin Estate' right in the heart of Ajegunle a popular ghetto in Lagos State, Toolz took to her Instagram page to pour her hearts out.

"I went to the Dustbin Estate in Ajegunle for the first time to donate food and I'm still lost for words. The people there build their houses with planks on refuse dumps. I spoke with the community leader and he said that the government forget about them. Most of the houses were smaller than my bedroom and had to accommodate whole families sometimes. There's really no running water and only a handful of the houses have electricity," she wrote.©