I Always Wear Hats Because I'm Shy- Sound Sultan

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

The fact that he is a very popular musician who has indeed stood the test of time, doesn't stop Lanre Fasasi musically known as Sound Sultan from being his shy self.
To cover up his shyness, the Naija Ninja co-owner had to develop fondness for different colours and shapes of Hat.

He recalled how it all started; "I was shy when I was in school. While on campus, I would wear a cap to cover my face. I was always hiding from the stares and glares of people because they made me quite uncomfortable. I still wear them because I am a shy person. I have lots of hats in my closet. I am sure they are above 100.

I like very colourful things and I also believe that creativity knows no bounds. If you see someone dressing like a creative person, just leave him alone because he is the only one that understands what is going on in his mind. Some say there is a thin line between creativity and craziness. My dressing reflects my creativity and sometimes, I have to tone it down because if I should dress the way I really want to, I would be like a rainbow. I really want people to see how colourful my mind is."

The Multi-talented artiste also went down memory lane, recalling the most embarrassing fashion error he has ever made.

"If you see some of my old pictures, there are a lot of fashion errors there. I used to wear some funny glasses then. If you see some pictures of Tuface and me, you would be shocked at some things we wore but that was what we had. That is what we call fashion error now. Back then, we felt like fashion icons whenever we wore those clothes," he said.