I’m Still With Kennis Music—Essence Cries Out

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/Nigeriafilms.com

Born Okoro Uwale, but popularly known as Essence, she has been underground for some time now.

For those who have been craving to know what she has been up to, the Itsekiri-born musician, who went professional at the age of 18, has provided some answers and the main reason she still has some ties with her former record label, Kennis Music.

The Theatre Arts student of Delta State University (DELSU) said, “I am still with Kennis music, we are like family. Even if a child grows old and goes to London, the father will say, 'hey…you come here'. We are family. There's no break up, no dividing, we are one. I'm still with Kennis Music.

“That's why I used the word family because we use business eye to look at things. People fall out and all of that and it's permanent goodbye but in family the bond is still there.”

She also spoke on her current project; “I'm working on something now. I don't even know what the title of the album would be called. It doesn't even have a working title. But I'm working on strictly an RnB album.

“The real Essence is what everybody is going to see now. On who and who I'm going to feature on the new album, I don't know for now, because the style of the song would determine who would be on the song. We have to wait and see.”