Beware Of Hustlers This Christmas

Source: Rita Okoye/

"Ladies no longer want love and romance. All they want are material things! Money! Money! Money! The other day, I took one out for a nice time. Immediately we got on the bed, she said she wanted to rent an accommodation and needed N500, 000. My eager manhood suddenly dropped.

It practically fell asleep! Just look at me, where would I get such an amount? And that was the first time we would be going to bed together,” a visibly angry fan lamented to me.

During Christmas season, this behaviour is always common among ladies. They all want to 'hustle' and hammer for the forthcoming year.

One other guy voiced his complain to me yesterday. According to him, “The girl that I have had lots of respect for 'falled my hand'. She totally disappointed me. In fact, this one started telling me all her problems, down to the latest business she wanted to start for her mother after Christmas and the money she would need to start. Her younger brother's first time school fees, etc.

I was on the verge of pulling off my boxers when she started her tales of woes and needs. The boxers was down and my erect manhood wilted like a dry leaf in harmattan.

I didn't know whether to pull my boxers up or down. Chichi, please take your time and to talk to ladies. What is happening to them?"

But see me, see trouble O; what do they want me to say? Should I summon the ladies and order 34 strokes of cane each on their buttocks?

My dear sisters are we that shameless? What has happened to us? Why allow men call us all sorts of names? We have to do something and fast too.

In case you don't know, reasonable men respect and cherish ladies who don't attach a price tag to their honey pots.

It's not only ladies in brothels that are prostitutes. If you collect money from a man before you allow him go to your honey pot, what does that make you? Go, ahead, think about it.

The terrible thing about having a price tag for your honey pot is the likelihood of the guy being pissed off to ram into you mercilessly. After he finishes with you, you'd think a horse rammed through your 'kini'.

Every man likes being loved, but not for what you can get from him, especially during seasons like; this Christmas or other festive periods. He will give you freely and wholesomely before you even ask, so why bug him when you guys are at the verge of having a nice time together.

Tell a Nigerian lady today and tomorrow that you love her; she would smile like it was her due. Tell her the third day and she would snarl, "Na love I go chop?"

How about married couples. Your husband wants to bang you. You know he wants it real bad. You know the signs. You know that naughty wink. His sexual hunger has been building. He couldn't wait to get you alone.

Then he finally corners you in his bedroom. He got you there under a pretext. The children are probably watching television. He wants it. You could feel his pulsating manhood biting you through the thickness of his trousers. You capitalized on that hunger. Just as he was caressing your neck and fondling those secret places, you asked him to give you money for the wrappers you bought from Mama Emeka last month. Com'on! Why then? Couldn't you have waited until after the show?

I put this analogy across to the lady and she calls it knowing how to get things from your husband. Knowing his weak point. She sees nothing wrong in asking for material things from her hubby during sexual solicitation. Do you agree with her? How do men feel about it?

We ladies know that men are so soft where their balls are concerned. For some men, this may be true. Once they want it, they want it. They wouldn't mind promising the babe heaven on earth, just so they can bury that shaft down her warm cavity. They think with their balls. With such sexually weak men, taking money from them, in the throes of passion is as easy as chewing groundnut with popcorn! But is it a good idea?

Haven't you noticed the way a guy treats you if you don't always demand things from him?

Respect is earned, not bought. Try to earn respect from your man. Show him that even if he decides to take a bow and walk out of the relationship today, you jolly well can do without him. At least financially. The less you demand, the more he would realize you love him and not his money. And for crying out loud, why ask your guy money in the heat of a bang or when you're about to start? It kills the fun.

It means you're equating yourself with the status of a prostitute. Where have all our love and respect gone? Come on sisters, put on your thinking caps! If you make love with a clause, you make yourself cheap. You're indirectly telling you partner that he can buy you at a certain price. Allow a guy to get to know you before springing the whole lot of your troubles on him.

Have you ever wondered why he picked you among all the other ladies? Please don't make him regret.

If he truly cares for you, as soon as he gets close to you, he'll see those troubles of yours. Don't make him bolt before he knows how special you are. Don't make money the corner stone of sex with your partner. Be careful, act wisely and never use your 'asset' wrongly.

Once again, Chichi wishes all her ardent readers and lovely fans a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year in advance.

Thank you so much for your supports, words of encouragement, criticism, showers of love, advice and lots more throughout the year 2014. Hope to serve you better in 2015. Love you all!