Confession: How I went Extra Miles Just to Act…….. Didi Ekanem

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem, has disclosed that she has been enjoying her Nollywood acting, but has been faced with the challenges of producers not believing in her acting abilities and she has to positively go the extra mile just to prove her worth to them.

“Challenges in the true sense of the word, like not really having producers believing in you and of course, you know yourself, you know you have the talent but the producer doesn't see it your way. As an actress I have had to go the extra mile, not in the negative sense, to make people see beyond the looks and see deep into the beautiful talent within. I thank God I have gone beyond that now,” she stated.

While speaking further with Vanguard newspaper, the actress who is naturally blessed with bum noted that as an actor, she should be able to interpret any script given to her because that is what makes her a professional.

She explains, “First of all, my job is to act. So, I am supposed to be able to play every character. I can do a sex scene but of course, you know that it's not like you're going to have sex for real, probably just take off some part of your clothing and just act it. As an actor, I have to play every role; I can do a sex scene. I can play as a lesbian, in fact I have a movie that I played as a lesbian and I played it so well.”

Didi revealed that though she is naturally blessed with a bum, but people have failed to see deep the acting aspect of her and have paid so much attention on her backside and rather than see her as a talented actress, they now see her as a sexy actress.

To worsen the matter more, the actress explained that a mad man had once grabbed her bum in public when she was about buying something along the road and she screamed and ran leaving her shoes behind.