“I Don’t Know Why I Embarked On This…..Movie Producer, Emem Isong

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Thank God for the evolution of modern technology which has helped changed a whole lot of things in the world today.

Remember then that there was no pampers for babies but nappy. These nappy were folded in a triangle form, a piece of rag will be added to it and then some powder will be sprinkled on it to make the baby's buttock feel cool. Then the baby will be placed on top and then wrapped in form of pant and a pin will be used to hold it.

This brief description depicts the kind of nappy that was used to wrap comedian, Seyi Law, while he was a baby. The picture shows that he was actually black right from birth and no clue of any fairness.

Displaying the picture, he said, “My mum can keep record for Africa. She is happy for what her son has become. Seyilaw at 3 months. Fine boy.”