Choc City’s Court Case With Brymo Not Personal—Audu Maikori

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

The head honcho of Chocolate City Group, Audu Maikori, in an interview on The Africa Music Law Show with Ms. Uduak, has disclosed that the legal tussle the label, fondly called Choc City, had with its former artiste, Brymo, was not personal.

Maikori was a guest on the show to discuss issues in the music industry.

Maikori stated that whatever had happened was not a personal issue but business affairs as nobody will want his investment in any business to go down the drain.

He noted that in the entertainment industry today, investors are trying to be very careful because an artiste could wake up suddenly and say he is no longer interested in the contract he earlier signed. This, he said, arises when the artiste feel hurt when rebuked by the label for doing wrong.

According to him, “Imagine you took a loan of $50,000 dollars to finance the career of somebody and then he wakes up one day and says, 'look, you shouted at me, I am not happy so I am leaving my contract and there is nothing else you can do.'

“Now how much interest did you pay on that loan? It is important that you do keep your side of the agreement and if you want to leave, that is not a problem whatsoever; just meet the terms of your contract and go. So, we are trying to take everybody to school so that they can learn and the industry can get bigger and better.”