Mammoth crowd of Imo Youths back TAN, commend Uche Ogbuagu’s co-ordination

By Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor

Recently, Owerri the eastern heartland experienced a heavy traffic holdup, as not less than thousands of people stormed the venue designed for Imo state's Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) youth co-ordinators' inauguration meeting.

The inaugural meeting of the various local government areas and wards in the State, however ended up turning into a rally, even as it attracted large crowd of enthusiastic supporters and admirers of President Goodluck Jonathan, mostly the youths who came in solidarity to his transformation agenda in the country.

While speaking, TAN's Youth Co-ordinator in Imo state cum renowned comedian, Amb. Uche Ogbuagu explained to the mammoth crowd that the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), is a non-governmental organization designed to promote good governance.

“It is different from most political organizations you know, most of which have ended up in political parties. TAN is much more than a political party. It is a movement of people with one mission and one goal in mind. That one mission and goal is to see Nigeria transformed into a model modern African nation, comparable to any other nation in the civilized world, which we as its citizens can be proud of.

“Our boss and founder of TAN, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah discovered in the country's current leader, President Goodluck Azikiwe Jonathan, the sparkling qualities of the good leader Nigeria so desperately needs now, and without any equivocation, started harnessing like minds in the country to support the transformation agenda of Mr. President in order to raise Nigeria to the enviable level of development, both politically and economically, for the world and African countries to admire and emulate.”

Ogbuagu whose name is engraved on success, however, attracted the crowd due to his influence in the region; even as they answered his call devoid of their political backgrounds, he further hinted that, “as Imo youths, the best gift you will give to Nigeria now is to embrace TAN and join in propagating its high ideals. It is not like the ad hoc association formed by politicians and political groups just to enthrone one or few persons into position of power in an election and thereafter fizzle out into oblivion. It is a movement that is designed to give our youths an authoritative say in the policies and governance of this nation,” he stated.

Furthermore, the multi talented entertainer and media consultant, Amb. Uche Ogbuagu explained that TAN is a body of like minds that consist of individuals of impeccable character fostering the continuation of transformation by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The group comprises men and women professionals, youths, businessmen and women, artists, artisans, sportsmen and women, physically-challenged persons, widows, associations, Christians, Muslims and traditional religious groups, community, traditional and market leaders, opinion moulders and analysts, farmers, school teachers, trade unions and Nigerian masses committed to the ideals of good and quality leadership, order, unity, peace and progress of our nation under the Constitution.

Among their missions is to assist and be part of the transformation of the second 100 years of the existence of Nigeria into a nation that will transcend the threshold of under-development, he as well added that they will overcome the challenges of diversity and enthrone the collective vision of a nation where good governance, natural justice, equity and good conscience become the hallmarks of quality leadership which is in conformity with the status and standards of other developed nations of the World.

The group, since its inception has not minced words about their love for President Goodluck Jonathan and how they intend to anchor most of their activities on him. They, in fact drew their name from the trans-formation programme of President Jonathan. “More than any other group, government agency or political parties, TAN has remained at the forefront of projecting the achievements of President Jonathan. In fact, the group has brought to the fore, the achievements of President Jonathan in such a way that nobody can in reality, ignore both the message and the messenger.”

One rally that cannot be easily forgotten, Chinedu Odor who happens to be one of the youths inaugurated stressed that the environment was glamorously superb, as the co-ordinator, Amb. Ogbuagu displayed his wealth of experience in organizing it. He said: “The event logistics accommodated us all not minding our intimidating numbers. I believe Dr. Ubah made the right choice on the person of Uche Ogbuagu, as it would have flopped if it was entrusted into the hands of core politicians.”

“I must commend him and the team in Imo. Let them not relent, as they have started a journey that will put this nation on another level of greatness. As long as Ogbuagu is concerned, we will all put down our loyalty for him so that the national aim of TAN can be achieved successfully. So, we are urging other States who are yet inaugurate their representatives to do so, because it will benefit everyone and not the few again.”

Successfully, the inaugural meeting held, even as it attracted galaxy of celebrities, alongside the physically challenged who defied disability to show their unalloyed support to the President Goodluck Jonathan's transformation agenda and administration, whereby calling for his continuity in office come 2015.