Nigeria is becoming a funny place. How can this aberration be allowed to continue? It is only in Nigeria that this anomaly appears blossoming. Somebody who needs higher position from a lower one, but was a blatant failure at the lower one, want to try again maybe to be given a second chance. In Nigeria, this is not necessarily so. It is rather informed by the unkempt zest to be within the corridors of power to be relevant. They feel as societal recluses if not within the power perimeter.

This is because their know-it-all is money that they did not work out. Government in Nigeria is schemed to be the most lucrative industry contrary to what should be. This satanic masterstroke is the bane of misgovernance in Nigeria. It is only a failure that would seek for another chance to do better. If you did well in your first tenure, you would naturally wish to leave when the ovation is loudest for the next generation.

But since governance is made most lucrative in Nigeria, people smuggle any mischievous abstraction to win, bloodshed inclusive. This has robbed off rather negatively on governance of states in Nigeria. That has informed why governors, after eight (8) years in power see Senate as their entitlement, as their political rest place, as their birth right and as their father's inheritance. They milk the people dry, sawdust the state treasury, liquidate the state coffers only to continue the pulverization of anything sanctity in the Senate House as their retirement benefit.

(1) The Constitution should ban any governor from contesting for elective post while in office. This should apply to all political office holders. Anybody that should contest should resign at least six (6) months to the election primaries. This would greatly alter the political equation against political hegemony.

(2) Immunity clause should be completely removed from the Constitution in criminal matters, but retained in Civil matters. Those governors that embezzle government money cannot go free even while in office. Those that heap Women around them cannot go free. This would instill fear in political office holders.

(3) The Constitution should explicitly ban Governors going for Senate and President going for Senate. Anybody who wants to go further should be cleared of corruption charges.

(4) Nobody suspected to be funding terrorism should be allowed to contest for any post. Suspecting in itself is not a legal proof, but such might have gone to the Court waiting for vindication. Such indicted people should not be cleared for election. People indicted by EFCC of corruption should not be cleared for election whether or not court has convicted them. Such cases must be disposed off before they can contest.

Innocent J.K.O. (Comrade) (Innocent Jonah Kindness O.) National Co-ordinator, Human Rights Organizations' Coalition of Nigeria – HUROCON


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