EXCLUSIVE: Burial Quagmire: Jim Nwobodo Says “Jim Jnr” not His Son!

Source: Society Reporters - Nigeriafilms.com

The Rich also Cry

That is one Mexican Soap that I watched as a young guy just on the verge of puberty. But back then, I do not think the full import of the title of this soap was clear to me.

Since I broke the news that Senator Jim Nwobodo refused to allow “his son” to be buried in his compound last week, a few questions have been bothering me. Why would a man say his son would not be buried in his compound? What kind of quarrel would warrant that?

But I did not have long to wait. Information from the botched burial has it that Jim Nwobodo claimed the late Jim Nwobodo Jnr was not his son. According to my impeccable source who was at the failed burial, Jim had accused his former wife, the mother of Jim Jnr of adultery insisting the late Nwobodo Jnr was not a product of his “relationship” with the woman.