Seyi Shay Still On Fire Over Risqué Dress To Channel O Awards

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Sensational R n B singer, Seyi Shay got more than she bargained for over the risqué outfit she wore to the 2014 Channel O Music awards recently held in South Africa.

The outfit was a see-through Chanel gown which showed the black lingerie she wore underneath.

The daring dress got the Murda star a lot of criticisms both from her fans and from industry heavyweights like Charles Novia.

In his words to Seyi Charles wrote: “She said she wants murder and dressed like that? She got her wish. Nonsense and ingredients. Lame thinking for a lame career. Let your talent speak for you always, if you don't have it, nothing can force anyone to accept it.

You build a 'sweetheart brand' which visibly competes with a better rival and then veer off…Let me be frank: that Bad Girl/Boy image never works. You get the lunatic fringe crowd edging you on and then they switch to the next one. You wey dey don form Bad Girl/Boy becomes limp and laggard. You become useless to the present order. That's how it goes. It's what it is.” he tweeted.

“Yemi Alade, Asa, Omawunmi, Waje didn't need to be near naked to be on top. They were judged on their TALENT and made it. Commendable. Let your talent speak for you always. If you don't have it, nothing can force anyone to accept it. This business thrives on talent not tart.” he continued.

But luckily for the starlet media personalities, Daddy Freeze and Funmi Iyanda intervened and made the movie producer cum director eat the humble pie.

Charles Novia later apologized as regards the statements he made over Seyi shay's outfit, but still it didn't take the venom off his sting.

Seyi Shay who seemed initially unperturbed over the condemnation of her risqué outfit took to her Twitter timeline to express her feelings .She puts it this way: “I read some things about me today, I think people should focus more on themselves, than on others. Maybe he was having a rough day.”