A Passionate Appeal To His Excellency, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, To Wade Into Taraba PDP Crisis Since Adamu Muazu Is Bent On Forcing His Fellow Izala Member, Garba Umar, On Us

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Dear Mr President.
Your Excellency, after what has gone into the history books as the day of emancipation for Taraba state from the corroding grip of the self-styled acting governor, Garba Umar, (alias UTC), a new danger now looms in the horizon as some forces are trying to smuggle UTC back to power through the back window. If this is allowed to happen, our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would suffer incalculable damage in the coming elections. Besides, the will of the majority of Tarabians would be viciously thwarted. Unfortunately for us, the latest plots are from those you have put in place to help address injustice in the party. Your Excellency, it is now evident to us that the National leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as led and influenced by Alhaji Adamu Muazu is bent on foisting UTC on the state.  Muazu is clearly acting from a pecuniary point. He is also doing this for pure religious reasons. Like UTC, Muazu believes that Taraba is ripe for an Izala governor (note that we didn't say Muslim because UTC is definitely not the choice of Muslims in the state). As patriotic citizens, Muslims of Taraba are equally stunned by the mind boggling theft of the state's treasury by UTC who single handedly carted away N14b as the new Acting Governor, Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi revealed recently. Your Excellency, it may interest you to note that most of that money was used in bribing top officials of our great party. And now that they have taken and eaten the bribe, they must do the bidding of the payer, UTC. The plot being hatched is to ensure that discredited list of delegates is used forcefully in the schedule primaries. It is such a strong plot involving many powerful men and women from outside the state who see this as an opportunity to eternally change the historical direction of the state. they are set on a mission and only your intervention would save the poor people of Taraba from an invading force.

This list is the compendium of names that were forcefully imposed on the electorate of Taraba as delegates. In a poll that is clearly now one of the most oppressive electioneering activities in the history of the state, UTC handpicked his cronies and imposed them on the state as delegates. The delegates' election, for want of a better term, was a sham and one of the reasons many have lost faith in elections in Nigeria. It was the old system and crude methods of the past that was employed in conducting it. Soldiers carried ballot papers around while Returning Officers were beaten to pulp in various locations. Delegates names from the UTC camp were roughly written on foolscap sheets in direct contravention of electoral laws. That was the funny election some clownish officials from Abuja termed “free and fair”, when they went to visit UTC the following day after the sham exercise. The whole affair was sordid and reeked of the desperation of UTC.

Your Excellency, as the leader of the party in Nigeria, we implore you to use your good office to do the following

        Compel the NWC of our party to critically interrogate the election. Currently, they seem to be glossing over Taraba's matter and we smell a fat rat in the room.

        Call for the delegates list and make empirical research on its veracity

        Either order an outright cancellation of the results or make the necessary amendments

        Call the National Leadership of the party to order to desist from this undue meddlesomeness.

        Invite all the stakeholders involved to a parley to see how the matter can be amicably resolved in the interest of the majority of our people

Your Excellency, it would interest you to know that more than half of Tarbians came out rejoicing after the Supreme Court ruling that threw away UTC.  Today, many of UTC's close allies have “decamped”, leaving the man in the cold. Clearly, UTC has been a pain on the neck of many Tarabians and they were only waiting for when he would be cast off. If such a character is allowed to stael the primaries, Tarabians would surely revolt.

Today, Taraba is in a sorry state. Apart from the abnormal heist we referred to at the early part of this write up, the entire state today is in a mess. Salaries are owed workers in a civil service state. But beyond this the following happened under the ill fated reign of the Maximum Ruler:

        Governance was turned to a joke. A low cadre Transport Officer in the Government House was made a permanent Secretary in one terrible act of rascality. This is just one example.

        Construction works came to a sudden halt as PW pulled out their machines and took off. In short, Taraba was taken 10 years back as far as developments were concerned.

        Religious tension took over. Your Excellency would have noted from a distance that since UTC left the stage, a huge sigh of relief has engulfed the state. Peace simply seeped back into the state. Clearly, UTC was either fuelling these tensions or didn't know how to handle them as Governor Danbaba Suntai handled them.

        Romance with the opposition increased: while he was in charge, the opposition had a field day in Taraba. Conversely, UTC did everything in his powers to change the leadership of the PDP in the state to no avail. And the opposition gained mileage in the state as a result of these activities.

        Mind boggling stealing and misuse of office. The records are there to show how UTC turned Taraba into a fief. His wives had a field day as they withdraw upward to N50m occasionally for frivolous trips. Today, a gigantic edifice of a personal house is in Jalingo- the direct evidence of the monumental thievery by UTC.

Your Excellency, the truth is that with the Supreme Court ruling of November 1 st , 2014, many Tarabians wished that the issue of UTC is dead and buried.  That was why there was wide jubilation that criss crossed the length and breadth of the state. This nascent and infernal attempt by Muazu to install the man again on Tarabians is causing undue tension. The so called delegate list is a fraud that the party must deal with so that our people, who have always believed in and supported the PDP would not be shortchanged.

Elder Yamusa Ephraim
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