Federal and state government staff suffer from post traumatic stressdisorder in Borno

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

As the insurgency continues to linger in the north east, uncertainty, fear, suspicion and pent up anger now rule some of the middle cadre officers of most federal staff in Maiduguri Borno state these days.

Although some of the staff blame the anger on post traumatic stress disorder, others say that most of their colleagues are angry because they have lost their normal life in their various jobs.

Investigations found out that some are angry that the insurgency has lingered so much making life difficult for them while others are frustrated that their bosses in abuja are not empathetic towards their existence in maiduguri.

According to Babagana Mairamri of one of the federal agencies on the jos road secretariat, "we expect that our bosses in Abuja will be giving us special allowances for electricity for instance since our job depends on it but they do not seem to believe us that we have not had power supply for the last four months in the whole state capital"

The worst frustration affecting both federal and state workers is the fact that the yola electricity company which has been disrupted in the last four months is making life very difficult as only those who have funds sometimes personal can use generators to do the work in the office.

As the insurgents close in on the capital, some of these federal staff in the uniformed services have asked for transfer to safer states and where such requests are turned down, many of them have resigned and have left the town to safer states.

While their colleagues in the Federal uniformed services battle with insurgency a staff of the National Emergency Management Agency NEMA almost assaulted this reporter who went on a consultation visit.

The staff a middle level accountant possibly suffering from some form of post traumatic stress did not even remember that assault was a crime before the law before venting his anger on this reporter for daring to enter his office to make enquiries.

In the process of making enquiries on the zonal director and the information officer, the staff obviously frustrated about some office issues since none of the officers were around, just blew his top threatening our reporter.

The staff name withheld who is obviously an indigenous tribe from the north west of the country was extremely violent on seeing this reporter again since he was invited the following week for an assignment with colleagues.

The accountant who obviously was not under the influence of alcohol was actually restrained by other members of staff when he swore to deal with this reporter for reporting him to a colleague over his bad and uncourteous behaviour to our reporter.

Attempts to meet the north east zonal cordinator who was also not on seat on that day was lmpossible as the man was said to be busy attending to the needs of displaced people resettled in the NYSC camp in company of Dr Zanna who came in from abuja to represent the DG on that day.

Feelers reaching this reporter indicate that by the first week of December, most federal staff who are not in the uniformed services may have relocated out of the state capital to avert any eventuality since it is obvious their federal colleagues who have lost so many soldiers are equally suffering from post traumatic disorders making them to become angry and irritated and unable to maintain their unstable morales.