Controversy Trails Oritsefemi’s Abandoned Europe Tour, Police May Wade In

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

There is a serious controversy brewing between the management of Oritsefemi and a popular Nigerian show promoter known as Alex Ozone.

Both parties are trading blames as to why the singer could not conclude his tour of Europe.

The management of Oritsefemi alleged Alex Ozone of lying to people that he is the manager of the artiste and has collected money for shows abroad in that capacity. He was further accused of failing to process the travelling of Oritsefemi's manager known as Danku for the trip to Europe.

But on the part of Alex Ozone, he claimed the singer signed performance fee of €1500 for 10 cities and that the artiste absconded to Nigeria after the first two shows demanding for more money. contacted both parties to get their sides of the story and here are their statements made available to us.

The response sent to from the camp of Alex Ozone reads;
“The CEO of 03 Media, an events and artist management outfit owned by Alex Ozone has come out to debunk false statements being peddled around by Oritse Femi and his MSN Gang team about the European Tour where he absconded from his hotel room in Czech Republic without fulfilling his contractual obligations to 03 media and Urban Entertainment who formed a partnership to organize the said event.


“That Nigerian songwriter and singer Oritse Femi is still under a contract with Urban Entertainment in Czech Republic through 03 Media limited in Nigeria to embark on a month-long European tour of ten cities at the rate of £1500 per show and which he has been paid a total amount of £6500 as upfront payment.

“That Alex Ozone of 03 media Limited is a recognized and trusted show promoter who organized Davido's first European tour and has subsequently carried out a hitch-free European campaign for Terry G and Chuddy K respectively before contracting Oritse Femi on this particular tour.

“03 Media has never been incriminated in any shady deals in Europe before as being painted by Oritse Femi and his team, there is law and order in Europe and Alex Ozone would have been imprisoned if he is found culpable of any fraudulent activities

“That Oritse Femi left with our partner Alex Ozone on November 8th 2014 and landed in Padova, Italy on November 9th in preparation for the month-long European tour of ten cities. He however absconded from his hotel room back to Nigeria to request an increase in his fees from £1500 to £5000 after performing at just two shows and signing all contract papers.

“That we found it immature and irresponsible for Oritse Femi and his team to lie to the public that there is an agreement for four members of his team to be taken along with the artist for the tour, let it be clear to the all industry practitioners that MSN Gang is an unorganized venture where there is no division of labour, the Artist hardly travel out of the country for events with his erstwhile manager named 'Danku' and his cohorts of fortunate illiterates.

“That Oritse Femi unilaterally makes business decisions and arrange meetings without the presence his management team who hardly travel with him. On the issue of passports. The tour was initially planned for August 2014 but was postponed because of Oritse Femi's nomination At The Nigerian Entertainment Awards in the United States where he is expected to perform, We admit that it was initially planned to get two Visas for Oritse Femi and his manager but the advent of the Ebola epidemic made procurement of Visas an arduous task, due to the urgency of the event, Oritse Femi was awarded an express visa being the performing artist and he assured that his team is cool with the decision that Danku will apply later which he also agreed to, actions were not expedited on his visa application because Danku claimed he does not have fifty thousand naira(N50000) to pay for visa fee, his documents are still with our travelling agent if anybody wants to make verifications of our own part of the story.

“Oritse Femi however requested the payment of the initial three hundred thousand naira (N300000) which is equivalent to £1500 for the first show which we later discovered he lied to Danku that he was paid just N150000. Let it be known that Oritse Femi and his team have been denied visas on three different occasions and we nailed it for him in just three days being a recognized event management outfit.

“That this case of breach of contract and character defamation has been reported to the police authorities in and the Nigerian Embassy in Czech Republic and our Lawyers are already working to serve Oritse Femi and his cohorts their court papers in due course.

“We attached herewith copies of western union money transfer receipts paid to Oritse Femi and Danku his manager who collected the last installment of £1000. The documents include;

“Engagement agreement duly signed by Oritse Femi and his manager in our Lagos office. Western Union transfer receipts to Oritse Femi and Danku. The video drop Oritse Femi recorded for his Padova performance for November 23rd 2014. The video drop for his November 22nd performance in Stuttgart.”

The response sent to from the camp of Oristefemi reads;

MSN Gang, Avatar Declare Alex Ozone Wanted For Fraud
“Money Stops Nonsense (MSN) Gang, and Avatar, the companies that recently signed Oritsefemi Ekele Majemite have declared former Terry G manager, Alex Ozone wanted for fraud.

“According to the Media Manager to MSN Gang, Avatar Management, Tijani Adegbola, Alex Ozone paraded himself as the manager of the artiste and defrauded musical promoters in Europe: France, Germany etc with a lot of Euros he collected from the entertainment outfits claimed he is the manager of the artiste.

“As we speak, Alex Ozone took our passports away. He vowed he would take them to the embassy for Visas. Suddenly, he dumped them somewhere that we could not even locate till date. He later submitted our artiste passport alongside his own claimed he is the manager to the artiste at the French embassy in Lagos.

“This didn't clear to the team until the management requested for the items he took. One of the staffs working at the embassy revealed that he claimed he is the manager to the artiste that was why he was given visa. Till date MSN Gang and Avatar don't know where he dumped those passports he took away.

“More so, the promoters' abroad later called MSN Gangs lines in Nigeria revealed that we should safe their images that Ozone has collected huge amount of money from them and later found out that he never gave any money to the management.

“After all these illicit deals, the management found out that this has dented Oritsefemi's images in Europe. And Ozone was telling the whole world that the artiste and his management have collected huge amount of money from him without traveling to perform abroad”, Tijani Adegbola said.

“As you are reading this, the passports he absconded with have been reported to the IGP, Abuja. Till now, Mr Alex Ozone is nowhere to be found.

“The management however released an official statement that All shows both local and international that is not approved by management AVATAR, MSN Gang is not genuine and Oritse Femi will not partake in any performance anywhere. So we urge you all to be careful of fraudulent local and international managers who impersonate just to scam clients all in the name of Oritse Femi.”

It would be recalled that Alex Ozone and Danku formerly worked together with Terry G before both parted ways with the artiste in January 2014.