Why I Shunned K1 Unusual Concert—Obesere Explains

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

The current unhealthy situation in Nigeria especially the insurgency going on has left many questions unanswered and fears begin to emanate from within on the future of the country.

While some pray for a credible leader with goodwill of the people at heart, some have began to wonder if this leader will eventually come with the increase of unrest and continuous sins everywhere.

Nollywood actor and comedian, Okey Bakassy, has written a request to God asking if his son Jesus Christ will ever come as promised.

He wrote thus;

“Dear God Sir,

It's me again. You already know my name. Thanks for still keeping me alive despite my sins. I know you see everything from your location but I want to seek your clarification/help on some issues;

1. Some of your prophets and even my dad, taught me that good name is better than riches but the Super rich people around us, make money first, by any means necessary and buy good name later. is it allowed Sir?

2. You destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual perversion and Sin. This present world has done worst. What are your plans.

3. People are no longer saying much about the coming of Christ, even men of God are talking more about Prosperity, Are you still sending him or has the world become too violent to send anyone from heaven?

4. Will Nigeria ever be good again?

5. Please, we need your help with all this religious extremists killing people. 6. Can you please send me some of my future money now, things are very rough here. Thanks Sir, for your attention.

Faithfully Yours, @Okeybakassy”