Solomon Akinyesi's Candid Advice Couples

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Solomon Akiyesi has been in Nollywood for over a decade but became more famous last year when he was labeled 'Serial husband' after the publicized scandal involving him and his 'three wives'.
However, in a recent interview, the Nollywood actor talked about marriage and mistakes young couples should watch out for to avoid breakups, divorces or painful separation.

"Don't go into marriage unless you are able and willing to provide financial and emotional security for your wife, don't manage anything you are not sure of as you go into marriage.

Ensure. You won't have to look for anything else in another woman, don't love stupidly.
Don't take any risk in the name of making anybody happy, don't marry just because you have dated for long.

Don't marry because your mates are marrying and to the ladies, don't marry him if he's mummy's pet unless you can stand his mummy coming to your matrimonial home to decide what quantity and quality of soup you should serve his beloved son.

Don't marry her if she's daddy's pet unless you are prepared to commit your marital life paying back daddy's “investment” on his beloved daughter…or you are ready to be chased out of your home
on account of deliberately or mistakenly hurting the golden daughter.

Don't marry the first born and family cash cow unless you are ready to accept certain base lines in the scheme of things.

Don't marry because of the sole reason of having children. The wife is not a baby factory. Don't marry because you need a man to help you take care of your extended family…pay school fees…build your father a house or take your family off poverty lane.

Marry because you need a companion who will add value to your life.

“I WILL MAKE THEE A COMPANION” were the words that came from God when he created eve for Adam.”. He stated categorically forgetting he has no examples to show for what he's preaching.