Movie Makers are Killing the Industry With Groups and Caucuses…….Actor, Yemi Solade

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Fair-skinned Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade, has blamed the poor value in the movie industry to the practitioners of the act who have allowed mass mediocres in the field.

Yomi who used the Yoruba industry as an example, pointed that the existence of various groups and caucuses has been the challenging brain affecting the growth of the industry.

Speaking with E24-7 magazine, the actor challenged the movie makers on whose right they act upon by assembling or organizing groups all in the name of training them in the craft of acting and then collect various amount of money.

According to him, “I don't see why any professional movie maker should want to assemble any group. I don't understand how they bring in people from the streets who should go to a formal school to be trained, and they say they want to train them; with which authority? Are they professionals? No, but because they have been able to cut corners and gained popularity through cheap publicity, they think that alone establishes them as an authority who can admit people and train them.”

He further pointed that with such attitudes among his colleagues, it is now what is pushing them into politics these days just to survive.

“Going into politics has now become a necessity; so where does professionalism come in all of his? I can tell you that once RMD finishes his term in Delta State, he is coming back to act fully. The media is also to blame because you guys celebrate mediocrity a lot, and you're not helping the industry with that. Anybody can run up to you that he wants to celebrate 20 years on stage with Ankara and Fuji music. You don't know where they are coming from, yet you write stories for them making people believe they've really achieved,” he challenged.