Trouble as fans Attack Singer, Runtown Over.......

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Sometimes, before going to the house of some Nigerian celebrities, one needs to be very careful to be sure of the kind of animals they train at home.

Headies award nominee, Runtown, has just got himself a baby Tiger to train in other to watch his home while he is away or asleep at night.

Trouble you might call it. The singer shared a video of him playing with two young Tigers in their cage with a caption, “Just bought one.”

Well, hope it did not cost him a fortune but how will he maintain the Tiger from attacking people and will he be able to control it when it is all grown? Hmm, story for another day.

Meanwhile, this did not go down well with his fans as one of the fans congratulated him but asked him if he has prepared his will before taking the animal home.

omegarachi: May God guide and protect u is all i can say @runtown

snopenyboe: Lol....baba u mad gan ooo

iykaypeter: #ehen

spiciyo: Really? Woow! Goodluck with ur new pet @runtown hope you've written ur will tho?

paskhalifa: bro pls stop this, is pretty fun thou expensive joke... i still love you and your songs always inspire me a lot @runtown

andrewgiannotti: @runtown there's no reason why you should have those as pets. They don't belong there. Not to sound like a pussy but they need more space than your backyard dude

mbkcreamer: Rough play with big pet

havenlyhot: You most be stupid