I Can Never Hurt my Husband Feelings…….Singer, Muma Gee

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com
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Most people often change after getting married and Muma Gee is not an exception as she explains that neither marriage nor political ambition could make her dump music.

Muma Gee stated that people have never wished her marriage to succeed as they keep saying they were going to breakup but with God, they have scaled through.

The singer noted that her husband, Prince Eke, before marrying her knew she was a performer and cannot question the way she dresses or what she does on stage but thanked God that he understands her which is why she can't do anything to hurt his feelings.

According to her in an interview with Punch Newspaper, “I can never dump my music career. Music is part of me and will always be. I live, breathe, eat and drink music. I just cannot survive without making music. So it is impossible to quit, not even now that I am married. For me, music is not all about picking up the microphone and opening my mouth to sing. It is something that comes from within. It is deeper than just singing and performing at a concert. That is why when I am performing on stage, I am out of this world. It is my way of life,” Muma Gee says.”