Nollywood ICON Mr. John Okafor also known as MR IBU has commended AGN Lagos Chapter under the leadership of Chairman, Don Pedro Aganbi on the occasion of her Cultural day. Mr. Ibu who was special guest of honour at the event, said that “a viable and sustainable culture requires strong commitment on the part of a people to achieve, especially as it relates to cherished values in societies and I want to urge our movie producers not to relent in their efforts to produce films with Nigerian content” He said.

Speaking further he said that Nollywood must look inward and make deliberate efforts to promote and sustain our cultural values. “It was when I got here that I realized the seriousness of today, I am perhaps the only one here wearing oyibo attire. I like this initiative and I wish we can take it further to the national level where we say on this day, all we shall eat, wear or promote is our traditional and culture. We live in a time when our children are loosing our mother language; very good idea by Don Pedro Aganbi and his team”

In his welcome address, Chairman AGN Lagos Chapter, Don Pedro Aganbi said that the purpose of the annual cultural day is draw attention to our rich cultural values and heritage. “We believe that Culture is the bedrock of human civilisation, without which no nation makes any meaningful progress in spheres such as governance, politics, education and economy and the Nigerian movie industry must wake up to the reality of globalization and begin to produce content that will help revive our culture, It is on this premise that we are dedicating this day to promoting the Nigerian culture, its values, benefits and how to preserve it.” Aganbi said.