BBA: A Blessing or Curse To African Youths?

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

One of Nigeria's most respected rapper, Rugged Man, is one rapper everybody wants to emulate as he continues to show maturity in handling issues no matter how controversial it is.

Recently, the singer revealed that his hit song 'Ehen' which gained wide acceptance and shot him to lime light, was not directed to Kennis music boss, Kenny Ogungbe.

Ruggedman explained that though when he did the song, he did not know Kenny Ogungbe but had to do what was needed in other for the song to be on point.

He stated that he actually had no personal issues with the label boss but felt that as an elder to him, he (Baba keke as he is best known), deserves respect from him which he has to give.

“Right now, everybody is enjoying because of what I did back then. Even if they do not want to give me the due credit, people who know the truth know it. From my end, myself and Kenny Ogungbe are fine and I have actually apologised because I believe that if you do something that annoys an elder and you cannot apologise, then it is personal. I have seen him and apologised and we have partied together a lot and anywhere I see him, I greet him,” he said.