Denrele Get Love Advances From Homosexuals ‘But They Just Friends.’


If Denrele keeps trying to make fashion statements with high heels, multicolour clothes met for ladies – he should expect that the tales of homosexuality won't leave. The wacko TV personality addresses his sexuality again, making some revelations:

“I think the truth is that no matter how good you are, people will want to look for a loophole somewhere and penetrate you, but when they don't find one, they will just say something. I am not bothered about the rumour at all, because if I am gay or homosexual, I will come and say it because I don't lie, but what the allegation has done to my person is that it has put me in trouble with some people because they started to torment me. I am a kind of person that when they call me and say you are a gay, I don't shout at them because I am one of the people that affect people positively. I don't care who you are, your status, age, standing in the society or your sexual preference, I have a lot of gay friends and lesbians, but I don't mind because it is part of life and life has to be lived. When they started to peddle the rumour, the first one I heard was that I went to a gay party and some people came to me, disturbing me. You know people just make fabrications. My family was not even bothered because they know me very well. What I will say is that when I am getting married, I will invite all of you to come and be part the of occasion.”

And is he in a relationship? He responds: “Right now, I am in an on and off relationship with someone. The girl is troublesome and she will nearly kill me if she reads this. The reason I am not into any serious relationship is because of the nature of my job. I don't have enough time and a lady that will date me has to be very understanding and realise that my job comes first, while my family comes second and any other person later. But if a lady is looking for that concrete attention and commitment, then I am the least candidate she should consider. However, I am trying to deal with it because now, I am one leg in and one leg out.”

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