TVC’s Entertainment Splash Loses Vibe After Labi Layori’s Exit

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

Sometimes, if not most times, when the original presenter of a show, whether on radio or television quits his/her show, the next person finds it difficult to raise the bar. This has happened to some programmes on radio and television.

After the death of Gbenga Adeboye, his programme on radio has not made much impact as it did when the late presenter of the show was alive.

Also, 'Irinerido' a radio programme anchored by late Kolawole Olawuyi almost died with him. The show has not gained the kind of huge audience it did while Olawuyi was alive. Many of such abound.

For those who still watch Entertainment Splash on TVC, they will agree that the show has lost its vibe since the exit Labi Layori. The present anchors of the programme, Aka and Ajay, have practically chased people away from watching the show.

Even the types of guests they bring on the show have not matched those brought by Labi. Though Labi had her flaws while she was the host of the entertainment programme, but she created a niche for herself and capitalised on her sexiness to draw many admirers to the programme.

Labi now anchors a love programme on TVC, but some might be excited if she takes over from Aka and Ajay and restore the joy they used to experience while watching the show.