I Now Accommodate Ladies—N5m Project Fame Winner, Geoffrey Orji

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Season Seven Project Fame winner, Geoffrey Oji, is currently enjoying bit by bit of his prize money by investing it in his musical career and taking care of his mum especially.

Geoffrey speaking with E24-7 Magazine about his increased relationships with ladies, explained that after the competition, ladies have been on his neck at every given opportunity but rather than push them away, he tries to accommodate them.

He stated that his prize money is not meant for ladies as his greatest priorities is for him to push his career to the attainable height it should get to.

The new singer, noted that at this point of his life, he is not ready to start flexing or carry girls around as he knows that the time will come for all that.

“My millions are not for squandering on women. At this point, it's meant for investing in my music career, and in my family, talking about my mom and siblings. I cannot, at this point, say I want to start flexing and carrying girls around. The time for all that will come, but not now; this is time for work!” he noted.