I Was Able To Woo My Wife Through Another Woman……..Actor, Yomi Fash Lanso

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fash Lanso, has disclosed that the character he plays in movies are actually not his true personality but all professionalism to enable good delivery of the script.

The actor who is mostly believed to be a lover boy in most of his movies, explained that the reason why he loves and respect women is that he learns a lot from them while having a discussion. According to him, “A 20-year-old girl will have a deeper understanding than a 30-year-old guy. I tend to relate with women more to get some certain facts of life and how they think. If I win a lady, I have captured everybody in her house.”

The actor revealing how he got married to his wife, stated that he sure has a good working relationship with ladies but he had to play a deceitful role by wearing a fake ring for many years just to keep ladies away to enable him find the right woman when he was ready to settle down.

Yomi expressed that he had lots of girls coming his way but with the ring in his hand, he would lie to them that his wife base abroad if the lady does not mind dating him and she would gladly agree. “I wasn't ready for marriage then. I knew marriage was a different thing and I didn't want to make mistakes. I ran away from girls then because they were just too ready for marriage while I wasn't. They would tell me their father was ready and that we should get married but I just didn't want because I wanted to be the man, I wanted to be the head of the home.”

He disclosed that though his wife gave him tough time, but it was through the help of a woman in her compound that he was able to ask her out which she later agreed, noting that even as at the affection period, she never knew that he was an actor because she does not watch movies and is on the reading side.

According to him, “In fact, when I was 'toasting' her, she gave me three different wrong house addresses. I eventually saw her in front of her house. I had to turn and meet her. I knew that place was her house going by the way she was dressed. It was early morning and she was doing some laundry. I drove off and I later came back. She didn't want to see me. But with the help of a woman in her compound, I was able to woo her. But then, she wasn't into watching movies then, so she didn't really know me.”