PDP Gubernatorial Frontrunner In Delta State, Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Submits Her Nomination Form

By Eberechi Kennedy

It is most unusual to see a large pool of political heavyweights and supporters gather in a setting outside party conventions. But this unusual gathering was exactly the scene witnessed at the PDP National Secretariat in Abuja on Friday, 7th November, 2014 at what can best be described as a grand acceptance and support for one of the fiercest loyalist of the PDP to have indicated interest to run for the of­fice of state governor.

This occasion was the submission of the PDP nomination form for the governorship position of Delta State in the 2015 general elections by Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Juliet Olejeme; the Chairman of the Board of two sensitive federal government establishments, (Nigerian Social Insurance Trustfund and its subsidiary, Trust fund Pensions Plc).

What makes Dr. Olejeme's submission more significant is the fact that she is a woman of national significance and influence and most analysts are finding it difficult to write her off going by her unprecedented political profile and her closeness to the most power­ful segment of the ruling national party. More so, she is the leading aspirant from the Delta North Senatorial zone which has never produced the state governor since inception. So the social justice pendulum and the will of the masses swing favourably and posi­tively towards Dr. (Mrs.) Olejeme more than the other compatriots from her Senatorial zone that have indicated interest to run in the next year's election for the office of the state governor of Delta State.

Dr. Olejeme who arrived the PDP National Secretariat at about 4pm Nigerian time was greeted by a marmot crowd from all works of life who came out with drums and trumpets in support of Olejeme's aspiration to the governorship seat of Delta State. Among whom are, the Youth Coalition for Goodluck 2015, market women, and the Delta/Ijaw youths.

Speaking to the cheering crowd, Dr. Olejeme reiterated her determination to bring about positive change, to improve life of the people of Delta State, especially the youths and the women if voted to power in 2015.“We are aware that the people of the state are eagerly waiting for us to take over leadership in the state because women have been identified to be the best administrators in Nigeria and the world at large,” she said. She also promised to run a humane government that would take care of the needs and aspirations of the masses.

In a brief chat with press men at the PDP national secretariat, she reacted to several questions ranging from zoning, anointed candidate, being the only woman in a male dominated race, and whether coming into politics is to enrich herself? etc. According to her, the position is assumed to be zoned to the Delta North senatorial zone, while stressing emphatically that she has no knowledge of any anointed candidate by the governor yet, but confidently assert that if there will be any, it will be her. When asked if she is not afraid to run in a male dominated contest, she laughed and said “the men should be afraid of me because I have been chosen by God to lead Delta state and no one can touch God's anointed”.

Furthermore, while reacting to the question on whether she is into the gubernatorial race to enrich herself, she said; “I have never been into any elective position in Delta state since the inception of the state; rather, I have been contributing to the welfare of the state from outside through various empowerments and my efforts is a clear testimony of the love I have for my people. This motivated me into this race just to help my people more than I have been helping from outside the state and not to enrich myself because my government if elected will be a people-oriented government where everyone will be involved.

By and large, all the relevant stake holders in Delta state and beyond have endorsed Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Juliet Olejeme for the Governorship position of the state come 2015 as she seems to be riding on the peak of the wish of the people for real change come 2015. Going by her antecedents, if elections are properly conducted as free and fair, Dr. (Mrs.) Olejeme is unbeatable.