Ekiti debt and APC corrupt mindset

By Debola Akingbade

Government in all honesty is continuum, assets and liabilities left by the past administrations are to be properly managed by the new ones. Knowing the level of our indebtedness, exhuming the frauds inherent, and feeding the general public with the TRUE picture of the state's accounts should not be condemned, but be commended by all.

The position of APC and her apologists is that the state should move forward, and forget the rots, vices, and frauds perpetrated by Fayemi/E-11. They assert that the state can not move forward if we still dwell in the past. Well, here is the bad news for them; Ekiti people are very meticulous, we are overly cautious, and we want a very precise, and conscientious attention to details of how our money are being spent or was spent.

How can the state move forward when her futures have been mortgaged by these prodigal sons? The state can not in any way move forward with N80b debt dangling on its neck without proper x-ray, and analysis of the debt left by Fayemi's administration. The magnitude of the debts incurred by Fayemi/APC is unprecedented. It has never been seen or incurred by any administration in the state before. So therefore, the whole scenario needs careful examination and deliberations by all and sundry.

Castigating Lere Olayinka, PDP and her Social Media Team for unearthing this prodigious rots shows the hypocritical side of APC for preaching virtues and practicing vices. If a child falls, he will immediately stand and charge forward.. but if an adult falls, he will look back to see the cause of his fall.

If it is easier for APC and her apologists to remember and refer to a-Seven Hundred Million naira-poultry project (a project that was on the verge of completion before being maliciously scuttled by the same set of people that plunged our state into huge debt) why then are the APC apologists saying Ekiti people should forget this gigantic vice and wickedness done to them?

Deliberately indebting the state was a malevolent machination aimed at satisfying the financial interest of their godfathers, and impoverish Ekiti people. Or, on what projects was that huge amount of money expended on? Was it on the N2.5b flower project that didn't see the light of the day? Was it on Ire-Ekiti burnt bricks company that is yet to produce a single brick? Was it on the new governor office that is still at the foundation level? Was it on job creation for the jobless youth, or in creating enabling environment for the small and medium scale businesses to thrive? Ekiti people are asking....

We want to know why we are in such a deep financial mess!

We want to know after paying a total sum of N15m from the N20bn bond why is the State Government still owing N26.749bn!

We also want to know why Fountain Holdings Limited, a company with N15 million share capital could have been granted N5billion loan by EcoBank without recourse to the Debt Management Office (DMO).

These are some of the simple and straightforward questions Ekiti are asking from the past regime that'd made APC to resort to ridiculing Ekiti people on the pages of newspaper.

The exposure of their financial mismanagement, and frauds perpetrated, is what that had made their e-warriors to be degrading Ekiti people on print, social, and electronic media on daily basis.

It is only people whose minds have been wired with stealing and corruption that would not see anything wrong in this kind of needless indebtedness the APC has plunged Ekiti into.

Fayemi's APC should, for their own interest be preparing to answer Ekiti people through EFCC what they had in the last four years done with their money, and stop insulting Ekiti people.

Debola Akingbade

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