Dance Queen, Kaffy Motivates Church Members

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nigerian dance queen and CEO of Imagnito Dance Group, Kaffy, has revealed that apart from what she is well known for, dancing, she loves to help build, motivate, empower and inspire people to achieve greatness in life.

The dancer explained that some religious people believe celebrities achieve success without the help of God. She added that they (celebs) go through tough times just like other people.

Kaffy said she told some people in the church that, “We in the secular world that understand that God is responsible for where we are and live our life in the testimony of His glory are His undercover agents.

“Because His grace is responsible for our upliftment and when people wonder why you are so great or you doing very well it's not because we don't go through rough times, it's because we learn to overcome them. And it's an opportunity to draw people to God.

“You don't have to be a pastor or own a church to enrich lives, empower minds and lead people to spiritual growth.”